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    Quote Originally Posted by Ybnvs2 View Post
    according to all manufacturers that make a class C and or D tire .. says to replace them in 1000 or 2000miles .. not 10k not 2001 ..
    Source, please.

    All you're providing is your opinion.

    Wanna ride on 10 year old 500 mile tires? Knock yourself out.

    I would agree that tire age and mileage are both important to consider. But, even if you have only 20 miles on a set of tires; replace them after 5 years max.

    This trailer tire manufacturer only warranties their tires for 5 mention of mileage.

    This tire re-seller states " It is recommended that you replace your trailer tires every 3-5 years."

    Same here:

    And here:

    Etc, etc, etc.

    I can find nothing on any site that states to replace tires after 1000 miles.

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    A tire that is not required to be balanced does not provide an actual mileage maximum stating it's life expectancy .. it's sad but true .. so people with no sense look at the amount of time they have had the tire .. many company's got sued for selling brand new tires that were many years old .. google it .. the DOT number on the sidewall tells the month & year it was made .. as for the amount of miles one may get is simple .. there is a tread bar on every tire .. when it's down to the tread bar it's time to replace the tire .. I averaged 150 mile one way trip 300 miles total .. in 4 weeks the tread bar was clearly level meaning it was bald .. that was 1200 miles on a load range C and a 12 inch tire .. I have since used load range E on a 13 inch and have gotten 4 months aka 1 season .. at the seasons end I have 5k miles and both tires are near the tread bar .. change ur tires every season for the best results .. a flat tire is never fun

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    I had paperwork from the tires I had back in 2011 they stated 1000 miles .. I know this bcuz I had it in my hand but recently threw it out .. after doing some recent research manufacturers stop suggesting an actual mileage to protect themselves after many major tire brands got sued for selling old tires as brand new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ybnvs2 View Post
    These trailers are aluminum not steel .. no1 galvanizes steel let alone paints it

    They sure look like galvanized steel to me.

    But, you keep digging that hole. I see your expertise in other threads goes over just as well as it has here.
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    I have come to the conclusion that he's not even a real person.

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    My karavan "divorce trailer" overall sucks and i hate them but the sealed bearings/hubs are easy to change once you have the socket and a torque wrench for 200+lbs. I dont do saltwater but norcal to havasu 3 times a year for 3 yrs and only did 2 hubs. Tires are a joke and underrated though

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    Yea, YBNVS2 is a joke I wouldn't take what he says with a grain of salt after reading what he wrote in the gp1800 forum.

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    1000 miles on a new trailer tire ?? I'd be changing tires more than I change the oil in my ski (1x year).
    A 600 mile round trip to northern WI and I have to change mid-trip - I don't think so.
    I do this trip at least 4 times per year, that's 2400 miles.

    My tires and rims were new, Triton trailer, bearings replaced .....everything is maintained.
    Oh and yes I've had the Alum rims/tires balanced. Tread wear - nothing noticeable after 2 years going.

    Just stating my experience here. Sorry this does not help the Karavan trailer concern, but rather a tire concern.

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