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    Rude Charger with stock ecu and intercooler.

    Has anybody used this combo or running it at present. Im trying to sort out a good combination using the stock ic and ecu. I dont want to use an external ic cause i run in salt water all the time, and i dont want an aftermarket ecu cause i dont want to open up the motor to fit a valve upgrade. I know i wont be getting the full use out of the sc cause im restricted with ic and ecu, but it has to be an improvement over the riva stge 3 sc??....Will the stock ic handle the volume of air?

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    I believe JD 1 has added just a B-kit (Rude Charger is said to be even better) to a stock RXP and acheived a speed of 73 mph.

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    You can run it with the stock ECU no problem. You will need a fuel controller and 50# injectors. We already have a map written for the fuel controller and stock ECU

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    Thanks for the input, time to start saving some coin.

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    The other day, I went 74.0 with the stock intercooler, ECU, and exhaust. I have:

    Free mod's (rideplate holes filled, reverse bucket trim, and nose cone removed)
    Riva 3" intake
    Riva grate
    Riva wedge
    Rotax Racing SC wheel

    That's it!


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