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    bent reeds= installed wrong

    I just tore into my new to me 99 xl700 because I have this illness I haven't even ridden it yet but wanted to check the carbs and reeds so besides some bozo putting to long of screws in the flame arrestor and cracking the top of the mikuni's( fixable) someone installed all the reeds in one cage back wards and everyone one that side has a weird bend from flexing the wrong way! My last ski had Amateur professionals screwing things up also! anyway I'm on my way to get some carbon techs! Z

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    Is that even possible? Got a pic?

    Z, post here

    No offense to my yami brothers, but unless its about a gpr, you are not going to get much help in this section.

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    Cool! Thanks! I didn't know I was old school! That could explain it! lol
    I'll go snap some pics but the reed stop has a notch and the reed has an edge clipped so you should line those up the metal reed has a slight taper

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    I don't see anything wrong. Some pictures at different angles might help me understand what you are seeing wrong.

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    Sorry! look at the top of the reed stops! see the notch? it should correspond with the notch in the reed but some were installed so the notch on the reed was the wrong way! Z

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