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    Exclamation Major Waterbox Trouble!

    hello, everyone!! i hope you can be of some help...i need my ski back in the water by this weekend if at all possible. i took my '06 rxp out for the first time this year today and after letting it warm up for 5min or so i got on it a bit and shortly after check engine light went on followed by the reading "EXHAUST" along with the temperature icon. shut off ski and after i did i heard a loud pop come from engine compartment and i took off my seat to find it full of smoke/water vapor! i was taking on water in a big way. once back to shore i found that the rubber covering over the waterbox had kida split in the middle and there was also a hole in the small piece of connecting hose going to the shiny pipe coming off the engine. i drained it and got it home to find "shrapnel-like" pieces of metal in ther rear of the boat buyt i dont know where they came from. i wanted to investigate but i can't seem to get the pipe off motor so i can remove waterbox and see whats going on. any info would help and i also wanted to know about replacement parts and cost and if it would be just as costly to repair or fix problem with aftermarket parts? please help, in dire need for memorial day weekend!!!!! thanx a lot - jason

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    Your baffles burned out. Probably not getting enough water to cool the exhaust. You need a new exhaust or cut out the rest of the baffles.

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    i was hoping to hear from all the experts already but its the weekend and i would be out riding too!! i got to looking a little deeper into the problem and here is what i found. it looks as if the problem was caused by the hose taking water to the intercooler had popped off not letting water go to the water box. i took off the exiting hose from the waterbox to find that there where chunks off metal at the bottom of that also. did my baffles blow up or???? i hope to get some more responses, memorial day is days away!!!! PR!!!

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    I think you found the problem and the cause now you need to find a used water box and just replace it then you should be ready to go.

    are you running a external intercooler

    I talked to a guy in Texas that was selling a motor and he had a extra water box that I was going to get to mod mut I think I will wait on Jerry`s water box let me know if you need his email

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    thanks for the reply so fast! i dont have an external intercooler, just stock. so to fix all i need is the waterbox replaced? what options do i have other than stck? with the other options whats the differences and benefits? also...trying right now to get that tricky exhaust clamp do i do it? thanks again! PR

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    I finally got to the problem. My waterbox has a hole blown through the bottom of it! anyone ever heard of this? is a new waterbox all i need or might it be another problem that caused the waterbox to explode? PR

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    you can welded the waterbox

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