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    Installed the tps sensor still runs the same, when I press the valve on the fuel line fuel comes out pretty hard. Need to find a fuel pressure gauge I guess.

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    1.) Need to verify fuel pressure

    2.) Confirm you have the correct plugs. Should be NGK PZFR6H

    3.) Did you ever figure out why the MFI is blank? That could potentially cause issues for you.

    4.) Have you actually tried to put it in the water? If you've been repeatedly trying to start it and get it running that motor may be loaded up with oil, fuel, etc that need to get burned off. Pick a quiet night and take it to the launch. Leave it strapped to the trailer and let it run for a few minutes. You don't want to let it run very long out of water. Maybe 30-45 seconds max if cold.

    If all of those are good you may still have a bad EMM.

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    Popo I have a 2002 virage I 800. I recently had a fuel pump failure and i can verify that it will start and run with no fuel pressure for a few moments...also sputters and dies with any throttle. Pretty sure you have a bad pump as well.

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