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Thread: Male Soaps?

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    Male Soaps?

    I just get a kick out of all the posts I read. You guys are just too much. Fourm Soaps.

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    I thought this was one of Shibbys things again, you know, soap on a rope,
    shaped like.....meatstick/meatspin

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    The problem with forum soaps is that to outsiders it makes us look like a bunch of clowns. The great thing about this site is that it doesn't usually last.
    When I worked at the dealership I would send people to other sites that I spend some time on and they say that they will never go back. It just makes everyone who uses the boards look like amateurs.

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    Wouldn`t you think that most visitors become members, what`s the odds of a Guest viewing a soapy thread!? Usualyy people that read alot of the posts and info here are members, very time consuming, I think there is some dedication/obession to the site to keep coming back. Informative conversations for the most part and goofy crap/fun at will...PR...

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    i read everything, even the soapy amature/immature stuff.

    All part of what makes internet forums what they are

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