I do jet ski fishing. I also own boats. What I can tell you about the Yamahas’ is that the ride is very different depending on models & years. Some models feel more like boats, while others feel like, well . . . what you’d expect a ski to feel like - aka a jet-propelled plastic bobber. Sea doo has the same spectrum – deep v heavier models –vs- shallow lighter models. But holistically, the mainstream ski genre strives for lighter faster more agile and neck-ripping hole-shots, thus newer skis will logically cater in that direction. Unfortunately these are opposing characteristics desired for the niche fishing operator. Personally, I find the non-nano older hull Yamahas more desirable. They have enough mass to absorb the waves, and offer more barge-like stability. Trust-me, you’ll be sitting and standing in all sorts of ways that craft wasn’t design for.
Hull shape/size. Shallow hulls like the VX and VXR lines are what I call great lake & river skis. While the FX line is larger and deeper V for choppy conditions, aka cruising comfort. The SUV1200 for fishing - yeah. It’s a Cadillac – an anomaly for its time, and yes very desirable due to its gi-normous size. The bad part is that they are way old and 2-stroke, which is why a 4-stroke SUV conversion is common. And like the SUV, the SeaDont LRV is another large craft, but falls short due to it shallow hull design.
No, you won’t find a perfect fishing ski - so perhaps the overall strategy is just to avoid the skis that would be flat-out awful at fishing.