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    Well, I got the water out and all I could get it to do is backfire. Occasionally it start for ~7 sec and die on its own.

    I broke down and took it to the dealer. Same situation for them. They tried a new throttle body with no success and then thought maybe wiring harness no success and are now recommending a new engine. They can't figure it out even with manufacturer support. As of now they're blaming it on the main bearing.

    Any ideas on what else to try? Once I get it from them I may try to rebuild it if nothing else.

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    Did you put in new plugs? Mine had similar symptoms while I was working on it and alot of short starts and cranking all of a sudden it would fire but not start then no start, new plugs and it fired right up.


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    Yea new plugs with good compression (according to dealership), new oil. I cycled 6 containers ($200+) of oil through it the same day so I didn't let water sit in it

    Once I get it back from the guys I'll be able to try it again myself. Just not buying that it needs a new engine bc of some bearing.

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    Thanks gp1200rider & 5string for the help and suggestions.

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    Iv ran into new problems with honda's lately what was it ? not fixed till you water test it.

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    Damn fly wheel key sheared.

    Makes sense bc I had it running for about 3-7 seconds before the motor choked down water and stopped.

    First Honda dealer was ordering and plugging in various parts then threw hands up and said I needed a new motor and gave ski back in pieces since I said no...I kid you not. They wanted $6,500 for new motor installed out the door. So I walked away out $600 (negotiated) and a ski in pieces.

    2nd dealer fixed it and tested it in one day. Said come pick it up ~$500.

    There's a lake right next to the shop that the ski was tested in. Fires right up!
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