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    94 slt 750 problems

    Had my jet ski out yesterday and it didn't seem to have much power. after riding it for a while, i pulled the plugs and the first two looked good but the last plug was clean and wet. the cylinder was cold to the touch and just didn't seem to be firing. i checked for spark and it looked good. any suggestions as what to check next?

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    ace Welcome to the Hulk.
    Do a compression check and post your findings.

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    Did compression check and came up with:
    #1=120 PSI
    #2=125 PSI
    #3=110 PSI
    I replaced the reeds at the end of last summer shortly before storing it for the winter. Also took pics of the plugs.
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    When is the last time the carbs were attended to?

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    i took them apart and cleaned as much as i could last summer. the ski had been sitting for a couple of years with a bad piston when i bought it. some of the screws in the carbs were either rusted or the heads stripped. last summer it ran great though.

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    Welcome Ace. You verified spark already, the plug is wet and clean, (should have fuel) and you have compression, it should make fire. Have you indexed the crank? It's possible the spark is occurring at the wrong time on that cylinder.

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    This might be a silly question,Have you tried a new spark plug?

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    WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums,

    I would replace the plugs and cut the wires back 1/8-1/4 inch and screw the orange resistor cap back into place on all three cylinders. It may just be an ugly corrosion issue going on where the cap screws into the wire.
    After of course checking the fuel system, that compression might be trying to tell a story...
    Do you have all new fuel lines, have you checked tested the fuel pump, has the fuel shut-off valve been attended to?

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    I think I would also check the crank indexing. That cyclinder might be out of index. Not getting the compression at the proper time for fireing.

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    The plugs were new, first time being used. I put on a new Mikuni triple outlet fuel pump and replace all the lines. I also installed a new fuel filter and bypassed the fuel shut-off knob. Also, I put new plug boots on last fall. I think that indexing the crank is the first thing to try. How do I do this?

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