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    Noticed something strange on the wifes RXT...

    We have a pair of '05's but I have only ridden "MY" boat till yesterday,when I decided to switch with her to see if her boat was "up to snuff". Both lanyards are programmed the same so we can just jump from boat to boat if need be. First thing I noticed was the long beep,then the word "sensor" flash across the screen just before I started it....then,as I am scrolling thru the menu to set it to RPM,I see the word "depth" come up,but it registered "0.0". Boat runs great and no problems whatsoever,so I believe this is the reason for the sensor code.
    My question is this,if the boat did not come equipped with the depth finder,why is the onboard 'puter posting it on the screen???
    My boat doesn't show "depth" on the menu...
    Did she maybe get a 'puter that was set up for a Limited?

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    i posted you a reply on SDN... i'm jsut much too lazy to type it again, haha....

    basically, it's a 3 second computer fix... they connect the ski to BUDS and uncheck a box and clear the sensor and disengage the auxiliary depth feature since the RXT does not have one.

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