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    I am such an idiot!

    So I changed my SC washers and had the waterbox out (was gonne to the waterbox mod) and was putting everything back in the ski. All I had left to was plug in the O2 sensor, plug up water hose, and start it up to check for leaks noises etc. I can't get the O2 to plug in, I pull out the sensor and see that the ski has a 2 prong plug and my O2 has a 3. Now I'm thinking WTF! I also have an LS1 apart getting built. Have always been careful to label bags and boxes to not get anything mixed up. Here I had the coolant temp sensor from my car in the damn ski. I can't believe it fit and I can't believe I got them mixed up. Anyway, everything worked out good and hopefully I get to go play in the rivers opening up into the Chessy bay on Wed.

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    At least you don't have to worry about your brothers 500 cadi engine all over the place

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