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    So now your justifying your blatant dishonest action to your poor customers....

    Just give it up already, your a theif and liar and for some reason you think thats ok.

    I don't believe anybody should get away with that shit !!!

    At least I'm honest

    X3 honest person...

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    You literally will not even do 79.4 let alone 80 just bc you put the maptuner on it nor will you gain 2psi with any silly pulley or module anyone sells you saying it will. Call eaton theyll tell you with kawis overdrive section built in the charger is already maxed out. You'll make more heat and change where in the rpm range you make max boost but you will not make more boost (unless your charge is old tired and needs more rpm to make stock level boost)

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    I haven't checked in here in a while been submersed with my SX-R 1500 project and had double stint installed in carotid couple weeks ago but geeze large rat drinking a beer got killjoy on his mind as usual no surprise... People post alot of things on cl to get buyers doesn't mean their true or rounded of to the nearest lie and the cl police... wow bro you got alot of time on your hands i c. I get drug dealers to NBA players buy hot-rods and toys available they don't know 75-80 MPH they never gonna go that fast. I sold a Stage II Shelby GT500 ad said 650HP/650TRQ but it really Dynoed at 560HP/550TRQ buyer never checked the Dyno sheets and still bought car no worries... calm down turbo

    I'm gonna round myself at 74.5 at the elevation I was at and temperature. If I put on gloves and ride in the cold like you I'm sure I'm gonna crack 75 or more who knows where I'll end up then. And if the Maptunerx can out perform the R&D Speed Up Module which already allows 2 PSI more boost and 300 RPM. But maybe just maybe we can do more RPM on that MS109 tune Riva has going for Kawis. Hmmm... Is it time to try the 8800 Riva MS109 tune on the ol 310LX and see how close to 80 we get? If I didn't have GPS you would say I didn't do 75 but I did and when I get to 79.4 I'm gonna say 80 and then you'll complain about something else "It will never work" - who was that guy on Gulliver's travels...

    I got the MaptunerX bundle for my SX-R 1500. The Speed-Up Module from R&D is already got me pretty fast on stock exhaust boat but if it will shut this beer rat a-hole up I'll do it in a heartbeat!


    I don't think an 80 mph Ultra is the boat of choice for Drug Dealers. They seem to like bigger boats. JB

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    Cool Not sure MaptunerX gonna gain me a whole lot w/o pulley change...

    Not sure MaptunerX gonna gain me a whole lot w/o pulley change. I know it will but how much really...

    I basically did this R&D stage 3 already but I still have stock prop so I did pretty well as is. I didn't do their Adjustable Boost Control Valve kit either but did everything else plus BOV block off whatever I forget but pretty much their Stage III and I didn't pay that much for parts thru Jerry and Greenhulk either with our 10% and I got the speed they quote on stock prop so I did great and more speed to come with prop and MaptunerX if I decide to. This boat is fast already!

    Smart $ would leave this alone cz do 80 on this boat takes KP pulley and top end and forged pistons to handle it WOT across the entire lake. I'm doing real fast with bone stock engine and prop and this unit really is "quick" too and quiet exhaust to hear my "Metallica" on my bad ass Factory stereo. If MaptunerX gets me back my "True RPM and MPH" I'll do it sure but the existing tuner or SCOM as it's called is getting me pretty fast as is cz guys with R&D turbo kits and loud free flow exhaust on these boats only doing 78MPH on 92 pump premium. I could get that 80 MPH KP Pulley Maptuner MS109 and do one run just for one run to shut up killjoy and use MaptunerX to de-tune ski so safe to run by RPM limit and not have to do the forged pistons and valves and springs but... He isn't worth it to me. My boat is bad ass as is.

    Stock Ultra 300 Avg. Speed 66-67 mph @ 7450 RPM
    R&D Stage 3 Avg. Speed 75+ mph @ 8100-8200 RPM

    Description of Parts
    R&D High Performance ECU Reprogramming Services
    Part #: 801-03003
    R&D Ultra 300 Adjustable Boost Control Valve Kit
    Part #: 611-25210
    R&D Ultra 300 Performance Exhaust Plate
    Part # 331-35300
    R&D Ultra 300 Pro Pitch Solas 160mm Impellers 14/18
    Part # 131-31418
    R&D Ultra 300 Ride Plate Kit
    Part #: 121-30000
    R&D Ultra 300 Aquavein Grate Kit
    Part #: 111-30000
    R&D Ultra 300 Pump Shoe Seal Kit
    Part #: 161-30001
    R&D Ultra 300 Anti-Cavitation Cone
    Part #: 161-25010
    R&D Ultra 300 1 Degree Nozzle Wedge Kit
    Part #: 141-30000
    Retail Price: $2208.15 Kit Price: $1987.34

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