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    Bad Supercharger?

    HI All,
    I have a 2006 sporster with the SCIC engine and the first time out this summer it ran but not with it's usual zip and it didn't sound the same. I took it to my dealer and they said that the supercharger had gone bad and needed to be replaced for around $1000 plus instalation. SO this is a pretty new boat. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this common? Why did it just show up the first time I was out? IS there another option than just replacing the whole unit?

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    bad supercharger

    Yes - there are options other than replacing the whole s/c with another OEM one. Ask the dealer what went "bad." Superchargers can be rebuilt (by Jerry) for a hell uv a lot less. For those duckies, you can incorporate some sweet mods into your rebuilt supercharger like ceramic bearings, steel washers, and a phat Green supercharger impeller (or other mfr) that will give you more boost/volume/hp.

    If the stock ceramic washers fragmented, then your dealer would only be putting a bandaid over a fatal wound to your engine...lots of little ceramic washer bits would be smashing around in there destroying your engine.

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    I had the same thing happen to me on my 05 sportster 1 year after I purchased it. The dealer said that my ceramic clutch broke. It was replaced with an OEM one and I was back on the water in a couple days (thank god it was still under warantee)

    The dealer said this commonly happens from an improper oil change...he said having too much oil in the engine will cause the clutch to break. Not sure if this is true...but what he said.

    Now that I have found this forum I want to replace/rebuild the SC to stop ths from happening in the future. The directions don't look too bad...just a matter of doing it!!!


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