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    So, are you ready to change your user ID to "BLPolaris" yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLYamaha View Post
    Just tried the Virage EMM I have. I plugged it in completely and it failed to start but it always had spark, so progress. That box is for a twin cylinder and I know it has a problem so not surprising it didn't run. Then I unplugged the big plug from it and connected that to the original MSX140 EMM and it fired right up and ran using 2 EMM's so the EMM is still bad even after being "repaired". Thank you for everybody's help! Glad to finally have a definite answer!
    The EMM actually contains 2 independent circuit boards. The side with the large connector contains the CPU, spark, and injector control, and the other side has the power interface to the flywheel and 12V system. So it seems in your case that the power board is good in the EMM from the twin, and the CPU board is good in the MSX140.

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    I've got too many Yamaha's to change my name haha! I believe I read one of martincom's posts stating that you can run from 2 different EMM's so I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't know what the problem was with the Virage EMM so now at least for future reference I know what I have to test with.

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