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    I was making sure I am using the right hose so I can hook up a garden hose to my SL750 to run it out of water? I saw there was two clear hoses and a larger black hose going to the pump. Is the black hose the coolant hose? If so can I rig something up so I can run it out of water? I was thinking of buying a T with a shut-off valve and use that as a connection for my garden hose? Would that work? Thanks


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    Yes sir it would.
    The clear hoses are for the hull syphon.
    Be sure to start the engine, turn on water.
    When done shut off water then engine.

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    Also you need to block off the inlet from the pump so the water goes into the engine and not out the pump.

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    Why not hook it to the cooling bar where it is supposed to go? There is a brass plug that you unscrew and that is where the flush kit goes that you can buy from any pwc shop or you can make your own.

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