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    Polaris upgrade Ignition???

    Hello, My ski has no spark 1999 SLTH. I was looking at an upgrade ignition comes with whole ign kit for around $300.00 any ideas on this kit??? Batt is crankin at 12.5 volts new batt.

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    If everything checks good and you want to buy the up-date kit I'd try Jay at Atlantic Powersports and Randy at Wacon.

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    cool will do that thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is there a web site for "randy at Wacon????

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    Anyone have a used Ignition Update Kit for the 1999 Polaris SLTH? I'm having a difficult time stomaching the $600 price tag for a new one. Don't really NEED it yet, but thought preventative maintenance would be a good idea. Thanks in advance.

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