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    I'm in Texas, too. The heat will affect the LCD display, the UV will ruin the upholstery. I've been using the factory covers for years, but they don't make them out of good material anymore. A lot of money for a cover that self-destructs in two years.

    I've gone down the Harbor Freight road a couple of times when I needed a temporary cover, but they don't last long at all, even the silver ones. As mentioned, doubling up might work.

    I've tried various cheap covers from Wal-Mart which typically won't last more than one season. I bought some covers off of Ebay that were guaranteed for 5 years. The material would probably last, but the seams rotted in two years.

    My most recent cover acquisition was from Ebay, a 600 denier cover for $75 (includes shipping). So far I'm pleased with it. It's a fraction of the cost of a factory cover, it's pretty waterproof, and it seems stout enough to hold up for a couple of years.

    Don't forget, NEVER trailer your 'Ski with the cover on. It's hard on the cover (no matter what they say) and it can damage the finish on your 'Ski.

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    Friend has a townhouse with marina in Miami, so I exile and take back my skis every year

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    I'm "the guy with the yard" and have a collection of multiple people's PWCs for winter storage..... One would think I get a case of beer from someone..

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    Believe it or not I normally put my ski in the garage after riding it. I do however, have the luck to live on a lake. And have my own ramp to launch. About covers for on-road trips. A good factory cover is the best way to go .... however, they due tend to mar the finish on the hood of your ski. So to combat that issue & still have road protection from road dirt & courious eyes. I took a very soft flannel king fitted sheet and draped it over the front half of my ski. Then put the factory cover on over it. This works very well for long hulls. The shine still looks good when I arrive @ my destination. If I stay anywhere like a hotel .... I take every precaution to secure my ski as best as I can .... chains, cables & locks. Plus park in ways that make it very difficult to get at my ski/trailer. John Carter, on here has a very cool sensor installed on his skis. If you even move his ski ... it sounds off & alerts him on his cell phone .... also tracks the movement the entire way. Good Luck. Steve Lee

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    ^^^^ #1. All good points / suggestions.

    But, If someone want's it bad enough, they'll figure out a way to get it. Locks / chains and stuff only tend to slow them down, but make noise in the process. The motion detector / GPS tracker sounds like a great idea.

    Worked many years recovering stolen vehicles and had quite a few "How the F#$%^" moments.

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