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    Where do you keep your ski during summer?

    I have been studying, saving, and trying very hard for over a year now to purchase a used PWC. I've been renting and riding friends for several years. In that time I've seen thousands of people keeping their skis floating in slips on the water. I would not consider that. However, I also don't think I want to spend $200+ a month to keep it in a garage somewhere around where I live in Dallas. Hell for that kind of money I could buy a new -used pwc every year. Is it safe to keep under covered parking during the summer months here when it reaches 100+ outside? Where do most of you guys keep your skis? Just looking for some advice. Thanks guys.

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    Not sure what your options are...if you live in an apartment or house and what kind of parking you have available.

    I keep my ski in my driveway with an OEM Seadoo cover.

    Being Florida, it gets hot, but the cover prevents sun and rain damage. I also apply UV protection to all the plastics every few months.

    My main concern is theft. There are many options for securing the ski/trailer, but nothing can truly stop a thief. You can only deter them and make it unattractive/not worth their time and effort to try and steal it.

    Of course, if it's insured, you'd be covered for theft, etc.

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    Mines on a lift inside a boat house. Makes it nice a simple to just hit the switch, drop it in and ride.

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    Apparently the OP lives in an appartment or maybe a house with a small yard and driveway?

    I have a building on my property at home where I keep my skis along with my tractor that I use at my weekend property I own.

    To the OP, if the parking area you have available where you live is secure against theft, get a PWC cover and store it on the trailer, the weather won't affect it other that UV damage and the cover will protect from that. Even a poly tarp over the ski and tied to the trailer would work.

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    Thanks for the responses guys! Yes, unfortunately we are in an apartment for the next 6 months until we get a new house. I can't keep it there. There are local storage options which would be outdoors and secure, but I just didn't know it's hard in the skis to be in such hot conditions. There are also wet-slips as we call them in Texas available at the local lakes. Literally hundreds of jet skis just sit in the water at all times. Just want to treat my machine with respect and take care of it. If it's safe to keep outdoors in the heat then I will just take the outdoor storage option. Winterize in the winter and it should be fine. Only gets cold for about a month here.

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