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    04gtxsc, i dont have enough adjustment to get the bunks on the outside of the chines. Right now, they are resting on the chine and ride plate and the ski sits level. What do you guys think i should do here? I cant adjust the bunks to the outside anymore, but most people say they shouldnt be resting on the chine/plate as my picture above shows

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    Just to eliminate confusion on where your ski should be resting on your trailer bunks, I pulled this picture from the 2016 FX Cruiser SVHO manual.
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    I would go back to the Dealer and see what can be done. Show him the picture in the manual (Page 64) on where the correct location of the bunks should be. Be firm, and NICE about getting the correct trailer for your ski. It's your dealer's responsibility to get the right trailer for your ski. That's what they get paid for, let them earn their money.

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    Well, i just got off the phone with Yamaha Corporate and spoke to a techinical service rep. He said Yamaha does not have a recommendation as far as a measurement or an exact place of the bunks on the ski. He did say ideally, on the outside of the chines is best. But, he said where mine are, is fine also, as long as the ski is stable while going down the rode. He said there would be no damage down to the hull by having the bunks located where mine are

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    As long as it's stable on the trailer and won't hurt the ski, you should be fine I guess. When I got my ski and trailer, the dealer had a prep charge of $100.00 on the trailer, but they just grabbed a trailer and put the ski on it and was sitting where yours is now. I drove about 5 miles and the ski was sitting at an angle on the trailer. So I turned around and brought it back and had them adjust the trailer the correct way. They're not going to charge me $100.00 for doing nothing, I was going to make sure it was right and have them re-do it. Normally, I'm a pretty nice guy (If I had any friends you could ask them), but was a little disappointed that they were being lazy and charging me a $100.00

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    I can tell you this I had mine on the chine and now you can see where the bunks have rubbed through the paint.

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    when i took it back to them, they couldnt adjust it outward anymore. so they brought the bunks closer and thats where it sits now. If i take it back to them for an adjustment, theres nothing more they can do. All they can do it give me a different trailer. Except the zieman S1 is the trailer they sell, in either black or white.

    I am a machinist and can weld. I was thinking of making an extension so i can put the bunks out a little farther

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    I'm afraid if you try and move them out, it will lower the ski too much and you may have interference issues with the bottom of your hull and the straight cross member along the back of your trailer. Anyway, if Yamaha says its ok to ride there, and it's stable when on the trailer, you're good to go. Don't mean to drag you down on your purchase.

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    all is good man. I plan on owning this thing for a long time and i dont want to hurt because of the trailer. that would be stupid so i just want to make sure its in the right spot.

    Here is a picture of it now
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    Looks good to me

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