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    Its your ski but in my experience thats not the trailer for your ski. Will take pictures of what the bunks in that position will do. Good luck and enjoy the fx I know I do.

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    04gtxsc i appreciate the pictures. The dealer i bought it from offered me a choice of 2 trailers. Both were the zieman s1 in either white or black

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    Craig's List that trailer if the dealer will not work with you and get a Triton somewhere else. Your ski deserves that.

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    agreed,your dealer sold the wrong size trailer. If you can live with it,so be it. Enjoy the ski!

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    Not to spoil your awesome new purchase but I have to agree with everybody else, not the right size trailer for your ski. Right now the ski is sitting ON TOP of the bunks rather then "cradeled" in between them, making the center of gravity too high. If you do keep it just be sure to cinch your straps before even pulling up your launch ramp. I just watched a guy with a brand new FX on a trailer that had the bunks too narrow ,adjusted by THE DEALER, bump the dock on the ramp with the trailer tire and the ski bounced off on to the concrete. Banged the ski up pretty good and the trailer, not what you want.

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    i totally agree with what you guys are saying

    I called the dealer yesterday and told them my concerns. I demanded that i be given a trailer that fits my ski correctly. They countered with.....we have sold thousands of the FX hull waverunners with the exact zieman s1 trailer you have and have had zero complaints or reports of damage. They also said that if i ever notice any sort of wear or damage from the trailer, to bring the ski in immediately

    As far as the dealer goes, there is nothing more i can do. As for the trailer, i can either leave it as is, or i can fabricate some brackets to push the bunks out past the chines. Im not going to go through the hassle of selling the trailer as an option either. You guys think i should just make some extension brackets and get the bunks in the correct position on the outside of the chines? I have also read quite a few comments that where my bunks are sitting on the inside of the chines is fine as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVHO View Post
    ... I plan on owning this thing for a long time ... want to make sure its in the right spot.

    Here is a picture of it now

    The bunk brackets look to have additional holes outboard of the current bolt locations. Are those holes far enough apart to get the bunk boards outboard of the hull strake/chine ridges?

    How are the brackets attached to the trailer frame? Can the brackets be moved?

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    When i bought the ski, the bunks were positioned in the outside hole on each bracket. one bunk sat correctly, but the other sat on the chine, causing the ski to sit crooked leaning to one side. the brackets are welded to the trailer frame

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