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    What is this part? 2000 Ultra 150

    I will have to get a photo later but it is an electrical part that is roughly 1" square and about 1/2 to 3/4 thick flat black color. it is located just under the rim of where the seat sits on left rear and above the exhaust. I cannot find it on any of the parts diagrams except for the ignition system diagram it looks like part 13280A.

    Problem is mine is just hanging there and not attached to something, should it be? It looks like there was some type of adhesive on one edge?


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    I found that it is the engine compartment temp sensor and it should be attached on one side to the fiberglass hull.

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    Just clean off a spot inside the hull with some lacquer thinner, then glue the temp sensor on with some 3M 5200 Fast Cure. Put a piece of duct tape over it to hold it in place. The Fast Cure will be ready in a day.

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    Yup temp sensor just super glue back and call it a day

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