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    Installed L1DI and RXX Reeds... not running right...

    I just installed head, MPEM, Rxx reeds and homemade resonator bypass(after discovering PPG kit dosnt clear air compressor silencer). I wanted to test the 'motor' work before installing new impeller and intake grate. I tested it on the hose for any leaks, which I had none, then took it out on the lake for a test ride. On the hose I noticed a slight bottom end stumble which ended up being more pronounced in the water. It stumbles and stutters when you open up the throttle but is intermittant. When it dosn't stumble it rips and will get to 6970 rpm with the 13/19 Dynafly. More times than not, it will stumble when nailing the throttle off idle and anywhere else in the rpm range but will continue to accelerate but with a slight miss thruout the rpm range but will only reach 6700ish rpm. On a couple of occasions it stumbled and/or cavitated enough to slam the hull in the water then ran as it is supposed to. This makes me think there is a loose connection or something of that nature?? Is there anything that stands out to you or are there common things I need to check. I really wouldn't think it is the fuel pump as it ran great the last outing prior to the disassembly. I have read of cracked air lines causing similar issues. Do you think that is a possibliliy?

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    Call PPG and ask them. You might be returning the MPEM for another reprogram...

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    Mine ran very well, but the lanyard would never give the beeps anymore.

    You are looking for 6800rpm's on the DI' L-1. I liked the stock prop better.
    Nujet is best on top, but the 15-20 Solas wasn't bad all around.

    But I found that the stock prop worked the best. JMO.


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    I was mearly testing everything before installing the Solas Concord 15/20 I got with the kit. I will probablly send back my Dynafly 13/19 for a repitch for a topend prop once I get all the bugs worked out and running right. I ride mostly in the surf and the bay (which is always choppy) so that is why I opted for the Solas as well as a Worx grate. Hopefully those will be going in this weekend.

    I did a few checks last night and didn't find anything obvious. Compression was good at 150 on each cylinder while cranking then holding at 143.
    Raves looked ok but gave them a thorough cleaning anyway. All air lines looked good and I confirmed operation at 6K via visual check.
    Plugs were sutty black which is normal for my ski previous to the L1. I installed new plugs just in case. Wires looked fine as well although I did not ohm them out.
    Rectifier tested fine as I got 5.3A on the pos batt lead at 6Krpm.
    I did not have time to take it for a test ride last night but maybe this afternoon I can. Hopefully I did something yesterday that fixed the bug.

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