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    Thumbs up First time/ Long Time - New 250X Blue

    Love the forum - have been reading for a couple of months.
    Must thank Skip/ Team Moto for the amazing tech data, improvement suggestions and his killer website!
    Picked up new 250X last month - maiden voyage last weekend, did 4.5 hours, all break-in stuff. Absolutely love this machine, only gripes I have seem to be common/ already mentioned - 'squirrely' slow speed steering issue and high noise levels/ loud machine.

    Have already added the following:
    1.) R-Rated Air Suction Block Off Plates (installed, the look is super clean)
    2.) R-Rated 2% Trim Ring (Kawa part)
    2.) Riva Sponsons
    3.) ODI Lock-On Rogue Grips w/ Billet Rings + Billet Thug Plugs
    (these feel 100 times better than stock grips, even with gloves)
    I ordered from Blowsion...
    4.) Exotic Signs did my reg numbers/ they turned out/ look great
    5.) Riva Bypass Kit (have not installed yet)

    Questions for those with ideas/ advice:
    1.) I purchased billet 90 degree water bypass fitting, to replace the rubber stock bypass fitting located front/ right side of ski...How do I get 'access' to the hose/ back of the fitting to install?
    2.) Received my New Riva catalog yesterday - on Page 8 they already have a New Ride Plate and Intake Grate!
    Has anyone installed or tested these yet? I would purchase both today; but I am waiting to see what R&D Aquavein comes out with...
    3.) R-Rated Pump Seal Kit - Will this kit fit this machine if/ when I replace the ride plate, intake grate and impeller?

    Thanks in advance

    Houston, Texas

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    Welcome to the boards!

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    The Riva intake grate and ride plate are not available yet. I talked with Riva yesterday and they are currently at the foundry being cast. Expected release date is 4-5 weeks. PM me if you want some more info on them.


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