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    Cluster problem XL1200

    Hello everybody,
    I just buy a yamaha XL1200 '99 and cluster don't work. I can put lock/unlock code and cluster show it but when the pwc is started don't show nothing the cluster is totally off although yami runs good.

    What can I check? How can I proceed?

    Thank you guys!

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    I removed one pin conector en hold press mode+A+C and did self-test without problem showing everything

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    Nobody can help me?

    I'm thinking is the green wire from regulator. I test with polimeter between red and black of 4 pin conector and I have 12v but between black and green I just have 0,2v

    What do you think or how can I test it?

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    Your gauge might just be toast. I'm sure theirs plenty of good used ones on eBay. If I knew what to test, I'd tell you. I've always wanted to know how to bypass certain gauges.

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