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    Ultra 150 bottom end/complete motor

    New to the forum. Just picked up my ultra 130 and ultra 150. Neither one ran when I picked them up. Got the 130 running and started on the 150. Come to find out the center rod bearing is bad and put a hole in the lower case. Anyone have or know where I could find a bottom end to include the crank? I don't want to buy new at this point. Thanks in advance.

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    Your gunna have to check forum and ebay, hardest thing to find on these ultras are cases. Pwc does a good job at rebuilding cranks hes done a few for me now, find a good used case. What do the cylinders look like? I would recommend replacing all 3 pistons to, was it a lean seizer that took the case out?

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    Cylinders and pistons look good. And I'm not sure of it was or not. I do however believe someone replaced the starter then didn't refill the oil. That may have done it. And I looked on eBay and didn't see anything and nothing in the forum yet.

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    Your only options, i would not trust a used crank. Normally what happens is lean seizer piston skirt breaks and crank punches through case. To rebuild one the correct way your rough 1500 bucks so weigh your options now. Alot of people believe when case has a hole skis totalled, which is how i gwt them for cheap

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    Not to butt in, but just fyi, do not by just one case half. Get both matching halves.

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    Yea I will probably get the crank rebuilt. And yea thanks for the heads up. I knew they were matched cases.

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    While you've got the engine out, it would be a very good idea to replace the driveshaft seal/bearing assembly (the 'holder').

    It might be a good idea to consider a new starter, while you've got it out.

    You should definitely inspect/replace the oil lines. They get brittle with age and split. Secure with .025" stainless steel safety wire, two wraps and twist.

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    Thanks for all the info guys, the starter is brand new, I just put it in. And the oil lines look good, I was actually surprised they wernt brittle. And I will definitely look at the bearing assembly and seal.

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    Just finished one up that was split in half. Got a good deal on cases with a small hole in the bottom then had it welded up.
    Oil lines have specific orientation, they don't all flow the same!
    Triple check balancer orientation, I'm very careful and still managed to botch that up which required pulling the engine and tearing back into the low end....DOHUS Chrome does nice replating very reasonably.

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