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    Hopefully you have already left, Stay safe.

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    What does a house cost over there? Is it expensive to live over there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetskibrian View Post
    Thanks, yes it is in Leisure Lee. Nice quiet neighborhood.
    I have a friend that owns a house in there...he is the last house on the main canal before it turns left...

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    i want to take my ski from miami and come visit place looks amazing

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    I'd like to know this too. But more specifically those reoccurring costs like, taxes, insurances, gov fees/bribes. Yes, I'm being serious.
    And are we going to see this property on vrbo eventually??

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    Thanks, No I do not plan on renting. Just friends and family. I will eventually drive two more Yamaha SUV 1200's that have been converted to four stroke there. Both have VX 110 engines. I have not had to bribe anyone yet. Ha!

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