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    First Ride With New Skis ??? Questions

    I just bought two new ski's and took them out on the lake for the first time today. I was only able to ride them for a half hour before it got dark. It took about 25 minutes just to get the trailer backed up at the right angle into the water. At least I wasn't driving. I was standing by and laughing. We got both ski's in the water and one of them started to sink. The guy I bought them from forgot to mention the plug that needed to be in the back. oops The bilge started right away though. The engine compartment got half filed with water first. After finding the plug it emptied out and then I started it. They seem to run ok. There was some black smoke exiting out from the back of both ski's and the engine sounded just a bit choppy. Is that normal? I've never ridd'n these things before. They were filled with gas when I bought them and I don't know when they were last run or filled. Neither did the owner. I wonder if it's just old gas. I wish I knew a little more about how they should run or sound. I'm a little worried. I'd hate to mess something up. I plan on running them tomorrow for a long while. Neither MFD is working and I plan on picking up a new fuse to try. Should I worry about them over heating? How would I know? Is there anything else I should look for? We left them on the beach for the night because it got dark. I hope that is ok. Just the very back of them is still in the water. At first I was worried that I should have bought something with a bigger engine. No worries anymore. I think I need to get used to handling these first. When I oppened up the XL 900 for the first time, . Holly crap, was all I could think. I havn't rode the SLX 780 yet. My dad took that one for a ride. Anyways thanks for reading. Any advice you can offer the the newb is much appreciated. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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    Yeah that gas could be really old... Its probably fairly important you get some good gas in there.

    Are you running pre-mix or oil injection? If your running oil injection you need to make sure that all the oil hoses are connected properly and in good shape.

    As for running without MFD's, the engine should never be sooo hot you cant keep your finger on it for a bit.

    I think the normal temperature feeling of the engine is that you can hold a finger or hand on it for a matter of seconds but eventually you have to take your hand off it.

    It its an instinctual reaction to take your finger or hand of the engine its probably running too hot, which means you have to look into some other issues which might be causing it.

    As for beaching them at night, here is a picture of how I like to keep mine

    Just make sure your not taking in any water, check the engine compartment in the morning, and just remember once they are out you might have a water line on them you should clean off.
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    Thank you for the info. Also can anyone tell me where would be the best place to buy mainteneance and tune up items? I've been going thru my Clymer manual and I figured I should probably at least do a basic tune up since I do not know any history on the skis. I would like to change spark plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, coolant filter(?). Anything else? It also mentions greasing and lubricating different parts. Where do I get these maintenance/tune up items and what type, brand, size, etc. Same question applies for the spark plugs but I also would like to know what to gap them at. I do not see any polaris dealers close by. Can any of this stuff be bought local or substituted with local parts?

    Thanks again

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    The Clymer should tell you what sparkplugs to use and what the gapping is. For Polaris brand filters go to or Atlantic offers a 10% discount for Greenhulk members. Lubing the cables can be done with WD40 or similar stuff. And Yes make sure you grease the fitting/s on the driveshaft coupler and bearing often. You should use a good marine grease. If they don't have a standard zirk fitting, you may need the neddle fittting which you can buy at a auto parts store. Or change the fitting to a normal zirk style.

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    I talked to the previous owner yesterday. He said he had no idea how long the gas was in it or if stabil was used. He told me when I picked them up that there was oil in the trailer storage compartment that I could use. Yesterday I went to put some oil in it. I read the three large bottles that were being used and I noticed it says on them DO NOT USE WITH ENGINES THAT REQUIRE TCW3. Right by the oil tank on my ski's it says use only TCW3. uh oh. I wonder if that had anything to do with the black smoke or running a little rough. I plan on syphoning out the oil that is left in there. I ran out all the old gas yeaterday. I bought several cans of Lucas TCW3 that I will fill them with today. I also filled the gas tanks with Premium Chevron with Techron. Hope that helps a bit.


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    ah I didnt know that atlantic offered 10% for greenhulk members! could have saved me 4 bucks

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