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    Macsboost with Av Gas?

    Is anyone running Macsboost stage II with straight Av-Gas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trxxx250r View Post
    Is anyone running Macsboost stage II with straight Av-Gas?
    I have done it. By avgas you are referring to 100LL - 100 octane light lead blue gas. It's great stuff. When at the Bay the local marina only carries 87 octane, so that does not cut it. That being said, running 100LL I only saw about 1.5 MPH difference (maybe 50 to 100 RPM). I have a portable 14 gal tank that I keep filled with 100LL for all my yard equipment - once treated with Stabil the gas stays good for a very long time. Plus it smells like a GA airport.

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