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    Adding a aux tank to a ultra 250x

    i was floating the idea of adding a small maybe 5+ gallon with a transfer pump to the main tank on my 250 do you think this is a stupid idea?

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    Here ya go...

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    Search around for bladder fuel tanks. I was going to put one in my offshore cat once, and it seemed like it was a good option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    Here ya go...

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    I'm curious where you'd fit the auxiliary. The only thing I considered once was buying a rack for an extended trip (see eg the adventurack at Of course having all that in the way could interfere with your barrelrolls etc but it sure would add to touring capability.

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    by the way gaptazap, that tanker photo is clever and funny but when I look close at your photo, that water is smooth as glass. Have you taken on an Ultra in 1.5 chop yet? gotchaback!

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    Its funny how people with supposedly faster, better RXP's hang out in the Ultra forum.

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    and they take it personally when someone posts positive info about the ultra

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