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Thread: CDI ?

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    CDI ?

    Is there a difference in an sltx CDI and a slx CDI? (as far as how they are programmed)

    Randy at Watcon (great guy by the way) reprogrammed my CDI and I can't get the thing to run right. I tried to get a hold of Randy today but he must be out for the weekend. I noticed on the CDI he sent back he wrote SLTX LIM. (I guess that means limited) and was wondering if that could be my problem.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I forgot to mention that the slx is the 1200.


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    i thought the SLTX was a 1050?

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    that is why I was wondering if there is a difference in programming

    I edited the first post (he wrote the sltx lim. with a marker)

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    Um If it is the old 1050 ignition the 1200 cdi will try to work but won't hope the programing was a freebee.

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