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    Quote Originally Posted by Clickityclack View Post
    Looked at the diagram and couldn't find 92120, were you referring to another part number? Typo?
    92190. Sorry man, tired this morning.

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    All good!

    No, I don't have that tube you mentioned, my ski is an 06 so it must have been eliminated by then. Good suggestion though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    by doing what I suggested gives us a easy starting point...... if it still does it than we know to stay on the mechanical issue side of things..
    if it fixs it then we know SOMETHING is causing it to drive open.....

    or you can remove the air box and block the hole just before the throttle blade on the top of the body,

    the whole on the bottom is the idle bypass mechanical air screw..... 99% of people don't know how to correctly adjust idle speed/tps/rms on Kawi skies.

    I took a look at the throttle body and can see the ports you’re referring to at the top that are controlled by the ISC. Are you suggesting I block them off and then rely on the set screw to maintain the idle speed? Also, wouldn’t I have essentially already done this by creating the blockoff gasket that goes between the ISC mounting plate and the throttle body? I think we know something’s holding the ISC open, but what’s doing it?

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    I am only suggesting to block them with your finger temporary for diagnosis purpose..
    Just to confirm if that circuit is the culprit .

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