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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tommygunner1927 View Post
    We're down too! Bringing a seadoo speedster and my Yamaha for the trip

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    ether powell or havasu. im down for ether. i have seen some really nice channels to ride in. they get very tight. looks like a lot of fun.

    im thinking late fall. when it gets colder up here. and Arizona not blazing hot. i looked at spring time. but we got way to much going on. unless we plan for 2019 early spring. like April.

    i should be riding tomorrow with a few guys. ill ask what they feel about making the 18-19 hour drive down. and what time of year is best they think to make it a more annual thing. ill also hit up more people during the summer. im really planning a 100mile trip from Downtown Portland, OR to Astoria, OR (the coast) ride waves, eat great fresh seafood. party at night. then next day make the trip back. im getting alot of interested parties in my area. many have thought about it but no one had the guts to go for it. or organize it. so i will be. so far about 2-3 boats said yes. and about 15-18 PWCs said they are down. not all will show up and the word will continue to spread so that may grow to many more people interested to go. ill start the thread and full planning in april/may area. any way. ill ask those guys as well. how many are willing to make the drive to AZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stifun View Post
    We're down too! Bringing a seadoo speedster and my Yamaha for the trip

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