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    Is GoPro going south? GoPro for sale after another bad quarter.

    Itís not looking good for GoPro. They have been on a steady decline ever since competitors came into the market. Do you think they will get bought out or slowly go under?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hill160881 View Post
    Itís not looking good for GoPro. They have been on a steady decline ever since competitors came into the market...
    Competitors have been chewing away at them for a long time.

    Missteps along the way, including the Karma drone.

    Founder set sail with his money

    Been quite the ride.

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    My niece worked there for a few years. She was recently was laid off. The market is flooded with these types of products and there has really been no technical advances recently. The GP apps suck and the support is terrible. I'm sure someone will eventually buy the company. There is a large customer base, especially in the film and sports industry.

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    the entire camera/drone market is in shambles.

    Even Nikon's attempt at a go-pro style camera failed miserably

    this shizz is not as easy as it looks.

    Good products rocket off, find market saturation a couple of years later is a decaying orbit and then fall back to earth in a fireball that makes anybody associated with it unemployed.

    Stay with what you do best and don't get greedy and step into another market.

    A local boat shop found that out when he decided I was doing too well and hung up a jetski repair sign.

    Needless to say after a couple of reversed battery installs and a screwed pump and a left out drain plug rebuild he got out.

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