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    MY 1200 Polaris did what.......................

    Well 1st of all I was hesitant about going riding with the fellows today cause I knew I had the slowest ski there. But I went anyways GPRMike, VOODOO, Mikes cousin, and Clayton Torquephoto, weather was very nice today, we launch at the jet ski ramp and usually go accross 4-5 mile ride to Harsens Island, so we get going to go accross and noticed the water was choppy but good enough for the ole Polaris, the 3 Yammahas, and Claytons RXP could not keep up with me I was happy cause I knew they were trying....... once we got accross I told them they can beat me now cause we were on flat water. The guys were complaining that I was riding to close to them, I think it was the way I went by them in the chop I allways pay attention to the water, so no hard feelings Clayton and VOODOO.

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    Forgot to mention.......Travis couldn't make it today, his girl had him tied up today.

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    We were complaining because you were coming within a few feet of us when we were going slow and you had the hammer down. The first time, Clayton and I were running side by side around 5 mph and I was turning towards him to talk to him when you went right between us at full throttle. I told you about it then and you continued to ride in this fashion throughout the day. Oh, did I forget to mention you also "burned one" out on the lake and so I had to watch you like a hawk knowing you ride like a damn fool and all while you're high! I'm all done riding with you Frank, kill someone else.

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    There is no way I would put anyone in danger, I knew what I was doing, just messing with you guys........

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    Quote Originally Posted by peteshauling View Post
    There is no way I would put anyone in danger, I knew what I was doing, just messing with you guys........
    You just don't get it Frank. If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn't be getting that close to us at high speed. I don't need to worry about you drivng thru the side of my ski if I flinch or a steering rod comes loose or if someone falls off. That's not to mention how your judgement and reactions are affected driving high, I want no part of it.

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    VooDoo pretty well has it right here....I am done riding with Frank.....High speed passes are fun but you shouldnt do them through the middel of a group of idling or stopped skis! Not to mention the "buzz" you had smoked yourself into while out in the bay. Mike had problems with his ski & was getting towed in & you were making hot passes all over them and flooding his footwells with your wake. The one that got me fumed was the wake jumping....!. its against the law in MI to come within 150ft of a vessel underway with the purpose of crossing its wake. 2. Steve &I were follwing the boat using it as wave shelter & you were crossing directly in front of us 5-6 times....had you come off the ski there is NO way steve or I could have avoided you or your ski. Now on to more jovial things....I was in NO rush to get beat up on the way there plus I was saving fuel for the high speed runs we do over there so I really wasnt trying....had I been trying I would have beat you there just like I did on the way back!!! by 10 mins !!!! Too boot today was the first day I topped 75mph on my RXP 75.4mph to be exact!!! YAY!!! I also know Andy & Mike were upset about your "riding style".

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    My riding style....... sounds like you were jealous, you guys just don't live on the extreme, I wasn't that close to where I knew what I was doing, I knew exactly I don't need you guys either, you ride "grampa" style anyways.......

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    There won't be a next time anyways but when you are racing how about letting the rest of us in on it. It was rough and we were all trying new set-ups, nobody mentioned a race to the other side until you were spouting off when we got there . When I knew we were racing I blew past you all day long but I won't mention it.
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