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    The finish on my 2018 GTX LTD and all the 2018's with CM-Tech my dealer had on display and all I saw at the NE Boat Show were fine, otherwise I would never have bought one as I'm extremely fussy. CM-Tech is not beautifully smooth as a well done gelcoat finish can be, but it's quite adequate if not as praiseworthy. None of the ones I saw had any cracking, and I checked every square inch very carefully, especially on mine which I examined for nearly an hour before accepting it from the dealer. The colors are great and reasonably uniform and it has a really nice built-in shine thanks to the clear acrylic finish. They all had some minor ripples here and there and a minor flaw or two, but only if you looked really closely. Overall I'd give the finish quality a B+, at least for the ones I saw.

    I don't think the finish will unduly crack without exposure to chemicals of which an owner should be able to control, and everyone can make up their own mind about the quality of the finish before they hand over their money. I think my GTX looks incredible and so far I'm quite pleased with it. Hopefully I can still say that years from now, we'll see.

    I don't believe this should be a show stopper for anyone wanting a 2018 and there are some advantages of CM-Tech over gelcoat such as high flexibility. I'm fairly certain you could hit this stuff hard with a ball peen hammer and it would simply bounce right back without damage.

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    BRP likes to experiment with new stuff, for sure the coatings will change for next model year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro10is View Post
    Yes, definitely. Plexus is an incredible product. A bit pricey, but it works for everything made of plastic and is currently the best or one of the best products available to protect and shine plastics.

    Give it a try, you'll love it.

    There is an inexpensive alternative called 210 Plastic Cleaner and Polish which appears very similar and is about half the price, but I emailed the manufacturer to inquire if they were 100% sure it was safe for acrylics. Unlike Plexus who reassured me their product was, I never heard back from 201, so use this product at your own risk.

    Thanks for the info. I have no problem paying a little more for a quality product. After handing over $17k for a new ski a $20 can to protect it is nothing! Bought the stuff yesterday, should arrive tomorrow. Going to coat it tomorrow and get it looking pretty. Forecast calls for close to 80 degrees next week in central new york. The maiden voyage will most certainly take place.

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