Damn it is even more rare. I love the XP x5 hulls, truly one of my favorite riding hulls. The 951 motor really did wonders for that hull! I'm sure a 1050 twin piped is wicked. Agreed about the 4 strokes, I'm stuck on my 2 smokes all day! I don't like the weight and maintenance differences. These two smokes of mine are simple, fuel/oil mixed and ride.

Probably so but these tires were brand new when I got the trailer used. I got the spare tire for $30 at dealer cost and put it on one of the wheels I pulled off. I maybe tow it 2.5 hours one way once a summer otherwise its a 10 minute drive to the boat ramp and back. I keep an eye and grease the bearings each season. No signs of seal leakage yet.