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    stock setting ?'S on 1993 xp

    ok i looked up the stock settings for a 1993 sea doo xp i think i have super bn carbs..but im not sure (please let me know) and it said low speed 1 1/4 +/- 1/4... and then i said high speed 0 ....i have two carbs so is it gunna be the same on both and do i even have a high speed screw....
    if someone could just please explain this to me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks alot

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    yup both carbs are the super bn. I just was researching this same subject for mine 93XP 651 motor. the low speed adjusters are on the motor side and the high speed are on the hull side.
    I had a blown oil line on mine and since you have to pull the entire intake/rotary valve housing off to see what your doing. I figured since I'll have to wait on parts I'll pull the carbs and clean them well when I put everything back together I either miss counted the turns or just got them wrong my ski wouldn't run for crap it would stall out fall on it's face etc...
    well I got towed back in took it home and found the proper setting for them and your correct it's all the way in then back them out (the low speed)one and one half turns out. I re-set mine to those spece and the ski is back to it's normal self!

    Edit: if I'm right the regular mikuni carbs have round pumps and the super BN carbs have the square fuel pump housings that's according to the rebuild kits I've been looking at...
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    hey thanks a lot

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