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    more and more 250x malfunctions

    as if all the other stuff that has gone wrong with my ski and kawi basically telling me "tough luck and good luck" was not bad enough, the problems get worse. now my 250x will completely shut down while riding at full speed (3 times at full speed and 1x while slow crusing). total electrical failure. I know i am not hitting the off button b/c the multimeter display goes blank. so i thought maybe the immobilizer key or sensor is loose, so i pulled that out while riding and nothing happened. when the ski shuts off randomely (it has caused me to almost hit a bridge and have a fellow rider plow in behind me) it will not restart until the immob. key is pulled out and reinserted.
    I know the rxp has a sensor to cut power if the ski is flipped, does the 250x have one? could it have come loose and be turning over by it self in rough conditions? has anyone else had this happen?
    I checked all the connections for loose or wet wires and all the fuses are fine. the battery cables seam to be fine at both ends. i have a race this weekend but will not go if can't fix, b/c i am not about to put some one elses life and ski in danger b/c my ski doean't work properly.

    can someone point me in the right direction, i guess i'l start checking evrysingle wire, but that will take forever even with my manual. any suggestions? thanks guys!!

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    can someone point me in the right direction, i guess I'll start checking evrysingle wire, but that will take forever even with my manual. any suggestions? thanks guys!!

    Yes take it back to the dealer as soon as possible.

    There is a flip switch but it sounds as though you have a loose battery cable. I could be wrong so take it to the dealer and have them fix it. Dont try it on your own or you might void the warranty. Never has a Kawi Dealer turned away a warranty job on me.....

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    My friend had the same problem today, before that he had one of the breather pipes leading to the valvecover leaking. He decided to put on the block offs, then he noticed a loss of power and his ski just shut down a couple of times. It might be a bad battery connection or a sensor problem. We are goin to check everything tommorrow, hopefully its something simple as we dont really have a dealer here in the U.A.E

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skips313 View Post
    Never has a Kawi Dealer turned away a warranty job on me.....
    Yea, the dealer gets paid from Kawasaki to do the warranty work so it's not like it's coming out of the dealers pocket. They should be happy to do it, but then again, there are lazy asses out there that don't want to go to bat for you saying that your ski is messed up and it's not the owners fault.

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    all points valid

    all points are valid....but the dealers in my area don't know squat about skis and will even admit to it. not to mention i have all ready talked to my dealer and kaw. motor corp. about the driveline probs and got no help.

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    Thats what great about Kawi. If the dealer does not know then a Rep comes out and helps then.

    This motor is also a 15F. So if they dont know the Ultra then they are saying they dont know the 15F or 12F or the LX and the 250???? Go to another dealer then. Call Kawi and tell them you have a warranty issue and the dealer admitted to not being able to work on the sky.

    How they dont know the drive line blows me away. This is the same drive line as just about every ski they have made since 2000.

    I think you should drop it off and give them a chance, the service writer seems to allows now it all but in fact there is a good reason he pushes a pen and not turning a wrench....

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    Before you go through the dealer.......
    Get a 10MM wrench and verify both battery terminals are tight.
    Use a wrench on them and make sure they are tight. Don`t just wiggle or look at them. If your cables are tight then check the cable ends to the ground side and starter solenoid too.
    Stupid dealers are unwilling to pay for anyone with experience to work in the service department, so you get young kids that don`t know anything.

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    you really, really need to get Kawasaki corp behind you on this. The dealers sound like REAL MORONS and if that's not bad enough, they are hiding your ski problems from Kawi, IMHO.

    Please find a way to get in touch with kawi directly. In any event, I'm pretty sure that your summer is shot. This sounds like it will drag on for months, unless you get a factory rep to take this under his wing.

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    Hey Born,
    I would take the battery cables off and hit them with a wire brush then secure them back to the battery if thhey were loose they could glazed the post. If your dealer won't help call Kawi directly and keep going up the food change. Another thing you can do if your dealer isn't helping is to write your chamber of commerence on the dealer and that usally gets there attention.

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    get a new key programmed to it. that should take care of it

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