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    Just for info I have asked both owners the 300hr and 250hr skis always keep battery connected and charged. As for the 60 hour trailer queen battery was always connected but allowed to fail twice so who knows the one has always had fresh batts and the low hr. had batteries go dead. So perhaps it is FI controller receiving less than 12.25 volts that caused failure. My guess is a faulty layer in board.???????

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    FWIW, the X that I picked up for my project had actually set outside at a salvage auction facility since 2013 and I picked it up in Oct. 17 (with the battery completely dead of course....), I replaced the battery, changed oil and filter, purged the fuel system and it fired right up with no drama.

    From what I've gathered, I think the Honda ECUs are inflicted with the same issues that most production OE components are, in that they're built to a price-point set by the OE, and hence not as robust and reliable as they could have been. Keihin evidently cut the line a little too close in that compromise......

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    I can say this ,other than the oil checking routine (Yamaha 5 valve and all dry sump must be run before seeing proper oil level) and the FI controller as Honda labels it. The HONDA'S are awesome engines and are very tough all things considered, and one heck of tough turbo.

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