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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Why not temporarily reinstall the stock tail cone, then see if the pulling to one side problem goes away or continues?

    Not hard to do the change and test, which hopefully would confirm whether the Luck13 cone is aggravating the problem or perhaps is not affecting it at all.
    Correct and thanks, , I forgot to mention the option of reinstalling the stock cone, that's my first choice, ad a baseline. At the time this was happening I had no idea it could be the siphon tube, thought it was something drastic and at this point I was disgusted with the ski. Too many problems in too short a period.

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    New Update: On my ocean travels I didn't have the stock cone with me. Yes we did another 1,000+ ocean mile travel and I was wore out just trying to go straight. When the WX is choppy or rough it is not so noticeable, but in calm water it is a struggle to keep straight.

    So as best suggested when returned home I replaced the Lucky13 cone with the stock tail cone and "Voila" perfect straight line with no pulling.

    Forgot what a joy it was not fighting the steering. The little loss of hookup was well worth keeping the stock cone on. Thanks

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