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    polaris 96 slx780 HELP

    Hey guys, new this so here it goes... Swamped my ski last summer. engine sucked in so much water it locked up. Ruined the crank and the number 3 cylinder, stator and cdi. What a mess. Got it put back together and it fired right up. Idles great and revs up up great. My problem is when the ski is put under a load ( in the lake and gas it) it luggs real bad. Runs great on the tralier but in the water nothing. I thinking that trying to start it over and over it dumped to much oil in the crank causing the plugs to foul. Replaced plugs a couple of times. Again starts great and revs up fine on the trailer but as soon as it is in the water, lugs again and fouls the plugs, spitting a lot of smoke. My questsion, I guess, would be is there any way to get the excess oil out of the crankcase without having to pull the motor again. Thought about pinching the oil pump hose and try to burn out excess oil but am afraid of burning up the motor. Help Please!
    Maybe it is something else causing the problem but i have know idea what? Thanks for any feed back.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    It sounds like a fuel delivery issue.
    Is there water in the gas?
    Did you rebuild the fuel pump? (They tend to blow out the diaphrams if cranked with water in the engine)
    Have the carbs been claened and or rebuilt?
    Do you have water in the electrical box?
    Do you have water in the stator/flywheel?

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    Welcome. Yeah what he said.

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    My question is did you replace the crank or use the old one?
    If it's the old one and it hydro-locked the problem will probably be the crank. Maybe check the crank index??

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    please let me know what you discover because I have the exact same issue with a 95.

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