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    93 SL 750 with SLT 780 carbs?

    I've aquired a 93 SL 750. It last ran about 3 years ago but had carb trouble. I've got a bunch of spares for my 96 SLT 780 including motor and carbs. Can I use the carbs on the 750? I'd like to eventually drop in the 780 motor too. Is it possible?

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    Yes you can drop in the 780 motor. It is the same physical dimensions. You will need the 780 exhaust manifold though. As far as the carbs, they are the same but the throttle is on the opposite end on the 780 carb racks. You might need a longer steering cable or one from an SLX780 or SL780? Maybe the throttle can be changed to the front? I never looked into that.

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    Thanks! I would imagine that I'll have to re jet the carbs? Gonna rebuild them anyway, they've been sitting awhile. Regarding the motor swap, will I have to change the shaft, CDI, cooling rail, etc... ?

    Is the SLX 780 basicly a cross between the the SL 750 and SLT 780?

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    The 92 and 93 had the smaller pump. The 94 and newer pumps, especially the extended pumps are so much better.

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    Will the newer pumps bolt onto a 93 SL 750?

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