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    Dover, DE... Again :(

    Update on my paperwork problem with the Ski

    So its been a week and a half, and supposably(sp) they paperwork went out today in an overnight package. Problem is, they said they used the package i had sent them, and as of now(6:30) the tracking number is still showing it has not been sent, so we will see how this works out.

    So far my watercraft ownership expierence has sucked, so hopefully things will look up.

    BTW, Jay and Steve and Rob from the Marina part of the dealer have nothing to do with the paperwork portion, and were geat throughout the deal, but the rest of the dealer has some work to do with thier employees

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    Bummer, hope it works out soon. When we bought the GTX SC, it took all day to do the paper work/prep machine/otd...PR...

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    Dover, DE... Again :(
    Thanks man. Im just gettin real pissed the ***k off. How long does it take to fill out paper, put them in an envelope that was pre-labeled, pre paid and everything, and give to the UPS guy? Seriously. Ive been jerked around for a week with these people, and im bout to bring the ski back, get my deposit back, and bring my business elsewhere just because thier service is sh*t.

    I am usually understanding about things, but this is stupid. Every time i call(which is everyday) i get some lame ass excuse as to why shit wasnt taken care off, this that or the other. Finally on thursday i talked to someone that sounded like they knew something, and made sense. I put what they need in an overnight, along with a prepaid pre filled out return overnight, and send it up. gets there on friday, she calls tuesday, saying it will go out. Call tuesday night with "I missed the UPS man it'll go out tomorrow" I call back today to check, and the guy says it has already been taken by the ups guy, well that was at 1, and now at 7 the tracking number still isnt scanned. Im just fed up with the bullshit I keep gettin fed.

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    The day i went to pick up my Honda R12X I showed up at 815 am, I wanted to be on the water by 12 pm.

    I had a 40 min drive home.

    I got on the water at THREE PM due to the fact that this lazy cunt of a woman in the back was "filling in my paper work" for THREE FUCKING HOURS.......

    I was expecting a god damn novel but all I got was a bill of sale and a fucking honda dvd.

    I got a great price, but I was pretty heated standing around a boring ass dealership till 12 15

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    occasionally check the tracking number, first you will see, Billing sent info and hours later you`ll see tracking, sometimes the scanners don`t get into the main system till the Driver, shipping cleark actually inputs the device...PR...

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    it usually takes about 12 hours for a tracking # to "activate" after the package has been shipped...or they f'ed up again . i know exactly what your going through and it sucks

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    That sucks Pettee. My g/f and i went up to the dealer and said we want a black and yellow GTC SC. The salesman said we don't have any here but if you fill out the paper work now it'll be on the trailer,washed,and ready to go tomorrow by 10am. We filled out the paperwork and showed up the next day. We hooked up the ski and drove away in 45 minutes. On top of it all my friend bought a GPR at exactly the same time and his experience was the same. Pettee i hope things go better for you.

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    I will make sure I have paperwork done ahead of time, I surely feel for you Pettee.

    Keep your head up....It could be the middle of Spring or Summer and that would have really sucked!!!

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    baught mine in winter the first year it came out 2004 for the month of may,had to wait 2 extra weeks to receive it because brp sent mine by mistake to someone who baught it in the month of april there werent many yellows so go figure . go a hell of a discount .

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    Maybe the stealership is waiting so they get a better incentive. I have seen it happen lots of times.
    Don't fight it though, just tell them your warranty doesn't start until you get the papers.

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