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    Cool 96 XP bogging with wet plugs

    I just bought two 96 xp's. One of them has a bad motor but the other one looks like it was barely ridden. I am currently trying to get that one running. The motor idels geat and the throttle responds quickly but if you hold the throttle it bogs and smokes and accasionaly backfires. I cannot go above 15 mph. When I pull the plugs they look wet and there appears to be alot of fuel / oil residue in the exhaust pipe. I have swapped my the mpem, and the cdi from the other boat. I replaced all the fule line, I rebuilt the carbs, set the low and high throttle screws, cleaned all fule filters, changed out gas and oil, and replaced the spark plugs.

    I seems like it is a carborator problem but I don't know what else to check. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    see the Cleaning Fuel System thread above.

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    I have already replaced all my fule line and cleaned out the main fule filter as well as the ones in the carbs. After I test ran it and still had the problem I pulled the carbs off but the filters were still clean. My plugs are wet and when I try to run it in the water it smokes and I can smell gas at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. Do you think it could be a timing or electrical problem?

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    When you cleaned the fuel filters did you clean all your jets and the float valves? With the fuel smell I'm wondering if the regulator valve is sticking. This is basically the same as the float valve in an automotive valve except it works off of a diaphram in your carbs.

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    Are both plugs wet? You may have bad needle and seat, which would result in a cylinder flood because the seat is leaking.

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    I cleaned every orfice of the carbs with carb cleaner and then rebuilt the carb. I also swaped the carb with the carb off my other 96 xp and there was no change.

    Yes both plugs are wet. Would a bad needle and seat cause it to bog at full throttle?

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    Yes, a needle and seat leak can cause a bog at wot, because the engine would already be flooded with fuel. Once, blown out though, if you didn't foul the plug in the should clear up and rev out.

    But...I think you have a different problem. Remove your front gray box and split it open. Unplug the thick red wire from the rectifier, tape off, and reinstall. Start it up and see if the bog disappears. The red wire I am describing has three other thick yellow wires coming from the rectifier. There are only 4 wires on the rectifier, and it's the thickest one in the box. Leave all other reds connected.

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    i had the same problem with my 96xp. it would start fine and idle fine, but bog at anything over 4000rpms either in or out of the water. after swapping rectifiers, grey boxes (including mpem and cdi), rebuilding the carbs 2X, i looked at the waterbox. apparently the ski was running like crap before i bought it, the guy let it sit with water in the rear electrical box.

    turned out that the water in the rear electrical box caused the engine to mis-fire. all the extra exhaust/carbon build up went to the waterbox and hardnened up. i pulled the waterbox and poured some de-greaser in there to clean it out. ever since the ski has run like a champ.

    check the rectifier first as it is very easy. next start looking for a restriction in your exhaust (delaminated hose, waterbox, etc)

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