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    What do I need to do after 10 hours service on RXP???

    After 10 hours Oil change on RXP, Do i have to reset my jet using Seadoo comouter?? What elses need to be done?

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    Is the dealer doing this 10 hour service or yourself?...PR

    re-set jet? what do you mean?

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    Reset the ECU probably?

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    well if the dealer is doing the service, they willl change the oil with new oil filter, and check all the fasteners, clamps, look for any obvious leaks and such. They will hook up the VCK and check for codes, and if a maintainence light came on they will re-set it. They`ll prolly check compression. if it`s winter or to cold where you are, now would be a good time to winterize the machine. Keep your receipt, most of the time the tech will write info on it, and now your machine will be in the system, so antime you visit any BRP dealer your HID tells the service history of your ski...PR...

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