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    Pics of my S200 4" Air Intakes

    I've been wanting to do this for a while. They are very simple just some 45 degree silicon elbows and some honking K&N filters. I know one is a little close to the exhaust but it's good for now. I put some cool tape where it was close so that should help a little. I'm sure they could be routed better but it's crowded in there and just getting rid of the restrictive factory stuff should make a huge difference. New metal clutches are in the superchargers so I can't wait to hit the water in the morning!!!

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    looks good, and you will really appreciate the newfound power and sound of the supercharger.

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    Speed200, did you take the hatch off completly. I've been looking at doing this and seem's it would be easier.

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    Yeah I did and it makes things so much easier. I took that pic standing on the swim deck. One work of caution though; have tons of help. That thing is so freakin heavy!!!

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    Looks good Get some outerwares on those filters

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