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    a few prop dif`s on a GTX...

    stock prop repitched by PPG @ 7650 = 63.5 max speed, cool air, good conditions
    stock prop @ 7650 = 60.1 - 61.0 cool/slightly warmer air, good conditions
    stock prop @ 7650 revised numbers = 62.3 max speed
    skat 16\21 3 blader @ 7600 = 62.7 max speed. warm about 80+ degrees, good conditions

    air, wind,and water, were close.

    I think bc it was warmer when testing the skat prop I could only reach 7600!?

    is it possible to have a stock IC and experience heat fade?...PR...
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    I was out on monday afternoon with the Riva wedge added with the stock prop and it seems the numbers have increase slightly IMHO I still think the numbers are to close to really say I actually picked up some top end...PR...

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    all those speeds running 7650... how do you know you aren't on the rev limiter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibby1485 View Post
    all those speeds running 7650... how do you know you aren't on the rev limiter?
    Yes, I`m on the limiter... I`m trying to figure out how much more prop I can go???
    I`m surprised for stock, I have more throttle left after it settles...PR...
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    today: air temp 95+ Humidity high, water temps 78.
    water conditions: glass...
    only hit 7600 max, can still pull throttle back about 1/3 and maintain 7600 with about 1/3-1/2 lb loss in boost.
    max speed with stock prop = 60.9

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    i have a solas 13/20r could i repitch it for some more mph?

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    tried another prop

    ok, this morning I tried another prop, 12\20 solas, courtesy of dochere! .
    I didn`t have my GPS with me so couldn`t get accurate speeds, but I do know the mph differences between the dreamo and the GPS, on my ski they are very close, 1.5-2.5 mph off. so the dreamo was saying 65-66 @ 7550 and this was max rpm`s @ full throttle a bit down from 7650 with about 1/3 throttle to go.
    I can say that the 12\20 is not as strong out of the hole compared to the stock prop and the skat 16\21 and doesn`t have as strong as a pull but I def noticed more top end at less RPM.
    the air temps were 77-78, humidity moderate, 5-6 mph wind and slight chop to glass. Before I make any adjustments I want to add that I install the RED water reducer instead of the yellow, just a test. I had no high temp alarm and ski had no stumble coming off an extended idle period, so my RPM`s could have been down 100 R`s bc of more heat since I have a 2005/2006 RXP intake and IC combo all hooked up with stock water routing. I tried this reducer bc I don`t have the "T: fitting that bleeds off water before it enters the water box like the GTX LTD and RXT/RXP`s with IC`s...
    summary: this prop seems a tad lazy out of the hole, and little less mid punch, but more top end. I did notice that I can cruise faster at a lower rpm level by atleast 100-150 rpm`s...
    once I get another pump in this ski I can do more testing, otherwise I like the 12\20...PR...

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