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    50 Hour Home Matinence Checklist

    So Im getting close to the 50 hour mark on my ski and I was wondering what are some things that I should check on or possibly look at replacing?

    My ski is stock right now but will have the RIVA Stage 1 and Pro-Series OPAS Block-offs by the time I hit the 50 hour mark. I have 38 hours on it right now with no problems.

    Thanks for your input.

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    check the grease in the pump...

    look in your owners manual and there is a maintainence chart...
    I=inspect and so on...PR...

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    What about the wear ring? Im kinda confused about it and what to do with it.

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    I would change it every 50 hrs anyways, or more often as needed

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    What about these stainless steel wear rings you guys are talking about? If I get one of those, how long does it last? Where do I get it? How much does it cost? How easy are they to change?


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    Best advice is if you don't know what you are doing or what is there to do give it to someone who does like your dealer.

    as per your wear ring have it mesured (space between your prop and wear ring) i wouldnt change it if its in the spec

    i think a stainless wear ring is around 300$

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    dont do anything... just stay on top of your oil changes and keep riding.

    if u wanna be anal, check over the ski, make sure all clamps are tight, make sure steering is aligned, BS crap... nothing to do but change ur oil at about 50 hours ...

    spark plugs once per year...
    oil every year or 50 hours, whichever comes first
    change anti-freeze every 2 years
    inspect pump cone grease (change every 100 hours if u like)
    winterize depending on storage and climate...

    that's all there is to 4-tec maintenance really

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    rxpkid do you still have guarantee on your ski and for how long?

    im asking because if you do its best to show BRP that you are keeping up the maintenance .

    just like a car

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    Quote Originally Posted by daverxp4
    Best advice is if you don't know what you are doing or what is there to do give it to someone who does like your dealer.
    I don't like going to dealers unless I absolutly have to.

    Im not 100% sure on everything Im doing, as this is my first ski. However, I do want to learn and figure things out. Im not afraid to take something apart and tinker with it. Im just curious to know what does what, why it does it, and how to take care of it. That's why I check out this site on a daily basis. I don't have the ability like some of you to go out and tinker with my ski everyday because it is at my cottage in the garage. I forgot to bring home the manual last weekend when I was there so I can't do any studying at home other than checking up on things here and asking questions.

    I ask simply because I want my ski to run at its best all the time. Im an athlete, thats how I function...110% effort 100% of the time. I know most of the basics, but I want to learn more, and thats why Im here. Please don't view the 'kid' on the end of my name as a sign that Im young and know nothing other than how to turn the ski on and off.

    Thanks for your input guys.

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    are you refering to the owners manual or shop/service manual? If you don`t have the shop manual, get one...
    there you will find procedures and views, and specifications, like bolt torque specs, that I personally adhere to...PR...

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