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    What Is the Difference from 04 - 07 RXP

    Hey Guys im new to this page.. I been wanting to buy a jetski. I originally wanted the 250X but i really cant afford it right now. I been looking at different ads for the RXP's ranging from years 04 - 06. My question is what are the main differences between all RXP's made from 04 - 06

    Thank you

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    04-05 rxp r pretty much the same a few changes on the 06 the 06 dont have the oil jet in the head the 06 don't the tac reads in 20 r's increments on the 06 instead of 50 on the 04-05, the rev limter may b a little higher on the 06 if there is any thing else i'm sure someone else will chime in
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    06 has the improved stronger SC

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    07 RXP

    The 07 RXP has a higher and wider handlebar. Its designed to be a little more comfortable for standing up. I like the wider bars for control compared to the 06.

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    the 06+ have digit read outs on the speedo and tach and the 04/05 has needles

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    Try to buy an 06 or newer if possible.

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    I just bought my 06 RXP. Im picking it up on Tuesday. The trailer was not onsite at the time of purchase. I can't wait to get her wet!

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    compared to 04... an 07 has...

    the newest "heavy duty" supercharger
    diffrent fuse block, no more MPEM
    different wiring harness, different ECU, different cam
    different handlebars
    different chain tensioner
    different gauges

    and quite a bit more little stuff that isn't coming to mind at the moment...

    06 most closely resembles the newest and greatest, but 07 is still the cream of the crop, as it should be as things SHOULD get better with time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splooge View Post
    I just bought my 06 RXP. Im picking it up on Tuesday. The trailer was not onsite at the time of purchase. I can't wait to get her wet!

    Nice i love my 06

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    I agree to you above me!

    I had it going 69 today tryed to bump 70 but no go. Maybe next weekend i will give her another shot.

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