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    OPAS removal or not

    i bought a new rxp this year and am setting it up for closed course racing. i did alot of research online and since have put a riva stage 1 kit on, along with riva sponsons and a riva OPAS block off kit. i tohough i was ready for stock class, but i went to myrtle beach this past weekend and i only found 1 rxp with the OPAS removed. do i need to rethink this option, will i loose some top speed reinstalling the OPAS but gain some handling? what is the deal?

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    looks like you will be winning a lot of races. No way I would put the OPAS back on.

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    do you race closed course? how do you explain all the racers at myrtle beach still having the OPAS installed?

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    I tried all !

    OPAS off with Stock Sponsons - So and so
    OPAS off with Riva Sponsons - SUX !!
    OPAS ON with Riva Sponsons - SUXXXX !!
    OPAS ON with Stock 05 Sponsons - Tuns Like your on Rials !! D Best IMO

    Its just my taste though

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    Welcome Falls!

    Yes, for closed course, the OPAS and stock sponsons has a definate advantage...if you can hold on as RXP boy has layed out for you.

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